After we got Mac’s diagnosis in September 2017, it opened up more therapy options for him. One of those being the Achievements program at Kennedy Krieger which is an intensive speech therapy program 2 hours per day, four days per week with some OT one hour per week.  I immediately contacted the department, went through all the questionnaires and screenings and got him on the wait list.

After almost 2 years of waiting, Mac started his first day in the program yesterday.  This also means no more naps for my little guy as his time slot falls squarely between lunch and his afternoon ABA session when he used to nap.  I think he’s growing out of his naps anyway so no time like the present. This also means that now he will have a guaranteed spot in the program year after year until the summer following his sixth birthday unless we drop out (don’t see that happening).

Life just got a lot more hectic but I’m really hoping this will be a catalyst to get him speaking fully formed words and sentences.