Recollection (#Blogvember 2019)

This post is recollecting the time my daughter and I got to meet Patricia Quinn (Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show) at Horrorfind Weekend 2008. She was 11 at the time and a huge fan of the movie. When we got to the table, my daughter was in tears because she was so excited. I asked Ms. Quinn the cost of an autographed glossy and she took one look at my daughter and responded, “For tears, nothing.” Which, of course, made my daughter ball harder and Ms. Quinn came out from behind the table to giver her a hug and allowed me to shoot a picture of them together. I think it was one of the most exciting days of my daughter’s life.

After she turned 18, we took a Halloween trip to the haunted attraction at Pennsylvania State Penitentiary. As a surprise, I timed the trip so we could stop over in Delaware on the way back for a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show with live cast. She’d taken a nap on the way and so woke up in front of the theater to read the marquee and squeal.

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