Trying (#Blogvember 2019)

adjective: extremely annoying, difficult, or the like; straining one’s patience and goodwill to the limit

This week has been very trying. It is now Thursday and I have yet to achieve a full night’s sleep. Both my husband and my son are sick with some sort of seasonal malady and have been keeping me up every night. I am beyond running on fumes at this point. My saving grace is that this afternoon my husband and I will be dropping my son off with my parents for the weekend while we spend the weekend together in a mountain cabin. I’m sure my husband will spend lots of time in the hot tub with his bourbon and cigars catching up on his YouTube subscriptions while I soak up the warmth from the fireplace and take lots of naps on the couch. We rented this cabin last year for his birthday and liked it so much that we rented it again this year. There are no visible neighbors. It has a huge meadow with a fire pit. The hot tub is in its own covered porch area next to the cabin adjacent to a game room with a pool table and the washer/dryer. The cabin itself is one bedroom but it has a gas fireplace, satellite TV and kind-of-ok wifi. Last year we discovered a restaurant and antique store not too far away that had some really awesome food so we will probably revisit there over the weekend. I am just really looking forward to being able to get some rest and some quiet.

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