Today marks the last day of my Staycation of Solitude.  I managed both productivity and laziness. Taking this morning to get in some more laziness before working in some small productivity this afternoon ahead of my husband’s return from his trip.  It’s been a lovely peace.

I really do love my PBS Passport membership. Gives me access to a vast library of awesome shows and documentaries while contributing financially to the continuance of the availability of those shows. I feel PBS is often overlooked as a streaming service and it shouldn’t be.

Whatever you have going on, whatever’s on the table, in the cupboard, the fridge: it doesn’t matter. Just add vanilla ice cream. - kitschandretro

🔗 Why Men Don’t Live as Long as Women - Issue 49: The Absurd - Nautilus

Fascinating article on how testosterone affects the process of aging.

There’s a new group of workers spreading organic pesticide on crops: bees

This is really interesting. Using the natural behavior of bees to spread beneficial flora to the plants to prevent crop maladies in lieu of direct application of synthetic pesticides.

🔗 Pleasant Valley Living: A Look Inside a Mid-Century Home Magazine - Flashbak

Bookmarking this for inspiration later when we move to our “forever home”.

Currently cleaning the kitchen to my doo-wop Pandora station. Yes, I know that I’m too young for it to be my contemporary but I grew up on my mother’s extensive 45’s collection and there’s nothing like a good doo-wop beat to get you in a good mood to move.

🔗 How High Heat Can Impact Mental Health

👩‍🍳 Sidebar contains recipes for:

  • Pineapple Sandwich Salad 🥪
  • Philly Ham Dip 🥣
  • Strawberry Philly Pie 🥧
  • Maple-Nut Philly Fudge 🍫
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Philly Fudge

I love these dresses. 👗 I am a bit of a fan of mid-century fashion & decor.